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Getting regular eye exams is the first step to a lifetime of better vision. Eye exams are necessary if you wear corrective lenses like eyeglasses or contact lenses, but they’re also important to diagnose and prevent a range of common eye conditions that can cause vision loss. With three locations in Bensalem and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Hamilton, New Jersey, IC Laser Eye Care provides comprehensive eye exams for the whole family. If it’s time to schedule your annual eye exam, call your nearest convenient location.

Eye Exam Q&A

What is a routine eye exam?

A routine eye exam is a comprehensive examination of your eye health and your vision. Your exam begins with a review of your medical history and any questions you may have about your eyes or your vision. 

Your exam includes a series of tests and procedures aimed at evaluating your vision and health. Visual acuity tests determine how clearly you can see, both up close and at a distance. Other procedures, like eye dilation, help your eye doctor see inside your eye to check for eye diseases.

You may look through different lenses or look into bright lights as your doctor examines your eyes. If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, bring them to your appointment with you.

Why is getting regular eye exams important?

Regular eye exams are important to ensure that you have the right corrective lens prescription if you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, but it’s also an important part of your preventive health care plan.

Many common eye diseases have few or no warning signs before they begin impacting your vision. At your eye exam, your eye doctor checks your eye health and evaluates your optic nerve, retina, and more.

Depending on your health, age, and other factors, your eye doctor may screen for:

  • Cataracts
  • Diabetic eye problems
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration

Identifying these conditions in the early stages means you can get effective treatment and enjoy better vision throughout life.

How often do I need an eye exam?

If you wear corrective lenses, you likely need an annual eye exam so your prescription can be updated. If you don’t wear eyeglasses or contacts, regular exams are still important. The frequency of your eye exams depends on your age and your risk of eye disease.

Children generally have their first eye exam between the ages of 3 and 5, before they start school. After the first eye exam, children and teens should visit the eye doctor every 1-2 years. 

Adults in their 20s and 30s may need an exam once every five years if they don’t experience eye problems. But as you get older, your risk of eye disease and vision loss increases. Adults in the 40-64 age group may benefit from eye exams every 2-3 years, while those over 65 should get annual eye exams.

At IC Laser Eye Care, the team is dedicated to helping you achieve your best possible vision at every age. If it’s time for your routine eye exam, call the location nearest you.