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IC Laser Eye Care

IC Laser Eye Care is one of the most dynamic ophthalmology practices in the Philadelphia area. With three locations in Bensalem and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Hamilton, New Jersey, the group of fellowship-trained physicians has expertise in multiple ophthalmic disciplines to provide patients with the most advanced medical and surgical eye care all under one roof.

The team at IC Laser Eye Care strives to provide the highest level of professional care in a friendly, warm, and welcoming environment. As part of their exceptional care, the team takes the time to provide an in-depth explanation of each patient’s conditions and treatment options. They listen carefully to each individual’s needs and provide compassionate, personalized care to patients of all ages, including children. The team is specially trained to treat complex pediatric eye conditions, and patients commend the team for the noticeable difference in how they care for them like family.

The team of multi-specialty providers specializes in several areas of ophthalmology, offering a variety of services including LASIK, cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, and ocular disease management. They are experts in providing advanced treatments for glaucoma, retinal detachment, dry eyes, floaters, keratoconus, optic neuropathy, and macular degeneration, among others. In addition, they promote preventive care to patients, offering comprehensive eye exams.

IC Laser Eye Care is at the forefront of technology. All their offices are equipped with the latest imaging modalities, including SPECTRALIS® by Heidelberg Engineering and ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging by Optos. IC Laser Eye Care was also the first practice, and currently the only practice, in the area to utilize the newest and fastest 500-Hz excimer laser for LASIK and refractive surgery. For vision and eye care needs from a dedicated, trusted team, contact IC Laser Eye Care. Call any of the offices or book an appointment online today.


Expert care. I am amazed at the results of my recent Lasik surgery! I have always worked extremely high index glasses and contacts. I was concerned how successful the surgery would be since my vision was so bad. I trusted Dr. Chaudhry when he told me I was a good candidate for surgery. He explained the procedure, answered all my questions, addressed my concerns and performed excellent results. Dr. Chaudhry and his staff are highly recommended!

Compassionate staff. I am extremely satisfied and happy about my 'new eyes.' My experience was extremely pleasant and satisfying. Everyone there was helpful, understanding, and friendly before, during, and after my surgery. Dr. Chaudhry has been great. His quiet confidence amazes me. My vision feels almost perfect. This is a big plus I did not expect but for which I am very happy.

Top-Notch Service. I appreciated the care of you and your staff after my laser surgery. Someone was always available whenever I had concerns during the recovery period. I would recommend IC Laser Eye Care to anyone contemplating Laser eye surgery.

Accepting New Patients. Schedule now for a free LASIK consultation.

Accepting New Patients. Schedule now for a free LASIK consultation.

Accepted Insurances

Here at IC Laser Eye Care, we accept most major insurance plans. If you do not see your plan listed, please contact our office directly to confirm your insurance provider is accepted.

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    "I had very nice experienced with them. I highly recommended this place. One of the best doctor I have ever seen."

    Rosanna C.
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    "Great place to have all your eye problems treated."

    Nazir S.
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    "Very professional, fast and reliable service received and great people!!"

    Nimit S.
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    "Great service every time my father and I go for his appointments."

    Ricky H.
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    "Great experience,great doctor. Everyone was very nice and very helpful."

    Bob D.
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    "I always feel like I'm getting get good care, even if you do have to wait some. They are very thorough."

    Ken B.
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