Life After LASIK

Life After LASIK

About 10 million Americans enjoy the benefits of LASIK surgery, the most popular laser eye procedure since its introduction in 1998. Reshaping the cornea to correct for several refractive errors, laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) typically eliminates the need for glasses or contacts. 

While the LASIK procedure is fast and safe and delivers virtually instant results, full recovery can take up to six months, during which time you may experience periods of irregularity. The LASIK and refractive surgery specialists at IC Laser Eye Care guide you through preparation, procedure, and follow-up to ensure your experience with life after LASIK is positive and trouble-free.

LASIK surgery fundamentals

The LASIK procedure starts with a flap cut in the cornea, the dome-shaped clear structure that starts bending light as it enters your eye for focusing upon the retina. A special laser then reshapes the tissue of the cornea beneath the flap to create the light-bending conditions necessary to maximize the focusing power of your eye, without the need for corrective lenses. 

LASIK can correct the following vision issues:

Prior to your LASIK procedure, you’ll be wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct for your condition. 

Once the laser has reshaped the cornea, the flap is put back in place to finish the procedure. 

Life after LASIK

The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes, and if you need LASIK for both eyes, it can be done in the same session. Your vision immediately after surgery is blurry. You may experience itchiness, grittiness, or burning sensations, and your eyes will be watery. While this can be uncomfortable, there’s usually little pain associated with the procedure. 

While many patients notice immediate improvements in their sight after their LASIK procedure, it’s not unusual to wait up to three months for your vision to stabilize. 

You’ll follow up with your eye surgeon a few days after the procedure to assure that healing is progressing and no complications occur. There will be another follow-up appointment, usually within six months. 

You may be advised to avoid the use of makeup as well as delaying participation in strenuous activities like contact sports. Avoiding pools and hot tubs is usually recommended as well. Your surgeon will discuss the important points you need to follow during your recovery, including pain medication and eye drops. 

LASIK carries a high success rate, and 90% of LASIK patients see their vision restored to 20/20 or beyond. Find out if LASIK is right for you by consulting with the ophthalmologists at IC Laser Eye Care at the most convenient of their three locations — in Philadelphia and Bensalem, Pennsylvania, and Hamilton, New Jersey. Contact your preferred office by phone or online to schedule your visit today.

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