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Keratoconus Treatment Philadelphia

At IC Laser Eye Care we provide keratoconus treatment Philadelphia for patients suffering from this and other eye ailments. These eye ailments can range from anything like keratitis to conjunctivitis, or pink eye. These conditions should be treated as quickly as possible to avoid future problems down the road.

Keratoconus usually starts when people are just hitting their 20’s. Over a period of time, their vision begins to get worse. It can be genetic. Symptoms differ between eyes and can change over time. Keratoconus is a corneal disorder in which the cornea is “thinned out” and bulging in a cone-like shape. The distortion of the cornea causes the rays of light entering to be out of focus, distorting and blurring vision. This makes everyday tasks like driving and reading hard to do. The disease is mild in its early stages, with only slightly distorted vision, but causing increased sensitivity to light and to glare. Eye redness and swelling are also symptoms. Those seeking keratoconus treatment Philadelphia usually come in once their vision has become more blurry and distorted, or they have experienced an increase in nearsightedness or farsightedness. Those suffering from keratoconus may experience a need to change their eyeglass prescription more frequently. Contact lenses may become uncomfortable or may no longer fit properly.

The progression of keratoconus takes a long time, in fact, it takes years to get to a late stage. Once the cornea has scar tissue it becomes harder to see. Vision gets more blurry over time. Our keratoconus treatment Philadelphia can be done in different ways depending on what symptoms the patient is experiencing. A device called an intact can be placed surgically in the cornea to help flatten it out. UV lights and eye drops can also be used. In worse cases, corneal transplants may be suggested.

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December 7, 2017

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