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Treating Cornea Conditions in Hamilton

Hamilton Eye Care

Your entire eye and all its parts are essential to your eyesight, and need to be protected against diseases, ailments, and other conditions that can affect their function. Your cornea, located at the very front of your eye, is particularly vulnerable due its positioning. Here at IC Laser Eye Care, you can depend on our ophthalmologist to diagnose, evaluate, and treat any condition that affects it.

Some problems are relatively simple to address, and do not pose any serious threat to your vision or ocular health other than temporarily. These include dry eyes and eye allergies. Inflammation and infection is more of a concern, in the form of keratitis. The way that our Hamilton eye care handles the symptoms that you are experiencing and any harm that has occurred to your corneas will, of course, vary depending on the particular condition, the severity of it, and your unique circumstances. Dry eyes can be lubricated sufficiently using artificial tears, either over-the-counter or prescription strength. Allergies typically respond to a combination of medicated eye drops and lifestyle changes. Keratitis is treated based on the nature of the infection, which may be bacterial or fungal. Common corneal diseases detected by our

include cataracts and keratoconus. The impact of cataracts usually are neutralized, at least for a time, with special eyeglasses or contacts designed to correct blurry or cloudy vision resulting from the disease. Later on, corneal transplant surgery can be done as a permanent and very effective solution. Additional corneal issues are shingles, ocular herpes, iridocorneal endothelial syndrome (ICE), pterygium, and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

Our Hamilton eye care confidently provides medical treatments, up to and including surgery, for all of your corneal concerns. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule an examination to determine what is ailing you and find a solution for it.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

December 7, 2017

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