Diabetic eye care in Philadelphia

IC Laser Eye Care is an office providing diabetic eye care in Philadelphia. Diabetic eye care is essential for those who suffer from this disease as it can make eyes worse over time. Contact us today at one of our offices. We have 3, one in Bensalem, PA and another in Hamilton, NJ as well as one at Temple Northeastern Hospital in Philadelphia, PA.

One of the most common diseases that can be found during an eye exam is diabetes. Diabetes can cause changes in vision and affects the blood vessels of the eye. Those who suffer from diabetes should come in for a Diabetic eye care in Philadelphia eye exam because diabetics are at higher risk for macular degeneration. This eye disease can result in blindness or vision loss. High blood pressure is another health problem often found during an eye exam. Also known as hypertension, it causes leaky blood vessels in the retina. That’s why it’s recommended to have an eye exam each year, in order to not only check the state of the eyes but also to make sure the patient is in general good health.

Some eye diseases do not have any symptoms except for very slight vision loss. They may be so slight that the patient may not even notice that anything is wrong. In these cases it’s best to find the disease early on. Patients are encouraged to come in yearly for their Diabetic eye care in Philadelphia, and if they have diabetes, glaucoma or cataracts, at least one to two times per year. Eye testing is imperative to keeping eyes healthy and clear. We recommend patients with glaucoma, diabetic eyes or cataracts come in as needed to check their eyes. Any changes in vision should be checked at our vision center in case a change in prescription is needed.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

December 20, 2018

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