Philadelphia Ophthalmology Office (Jul 15, 2017)

Cataracts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Ophthalmology Office

It is very common for people to develop cataracts after the age of 60. However, cataracts can occur at any age, and can even be present at birth. At IC Laser Eye Care, patients can receive cataract surgery which will have them seeing clearly again. At our Philadelphia ophthalmology office, you will be seen by our specialists, one of whom is our Director and Chief Surgeon, Dr. Iftikhar Chaudhry.

When a patient has a cataract, it means that they have a thickening of the natural lens of the eye. As the lens thickens, the patient’s vision will become increasingly blurred due to the fact that light will not be able to be properly transmitted to the retina. No one is able to tell how far or how quickly a cataract will progress, but most cataracts will continue to worsen until the patient is unable to see. In the initial stages of a cataract, sometimes lens prescriptions can be changed which will have you seeing clearly again for a while. Cataract surgery can be performed during which the damaged natural lens of the eye will be removed and a clear man-made lens is inserted. This surgery is performed with the help of a laser. A tiny incision is made in the eye through which the surgery is performed. The surgery is one of the safest and most common eye surgeries performed today. The surgery usually is performed on only one eye at a time, on an outpatient basis, and takes only a few minutes. Our patients remain perfectly comfortable during the procedure, and recovery is usually comfortable and uneventful, as well. Patients are able to have different types of intraocular lenses inserted into their eye to replace their damage lenses. These lenses can now be multifocal and allow the patient to see perfectly clearly after surgery at all distances, usually without eyeglasses. Our doctor will be happy to discuss the different lens is available at our Philadelphia ophthalmology office.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

July 15, 2017

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