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LASIK eligibility in Philadelphia

Did you ever get fed up with wearing eyeglasses or struggling with contact lenses and wish you could just wake up one day with perfect vision? Well, it’s not just a dream any more people are now able to shed their glasses and take out their contact lenses forever and see clearly. Philadelphia LASIK performed by our doctors at IC Laser Eye Care has helped thousands of patients regain near perfect vision without any corrective lenses.

Out of the various types of laser surgery that are performed by our eye doctors the most popular and effective form of refractory surgery is Philadelphia LASIK vision correction. LASIK uses a laser to precisely change the shape of the patient’s cornea, which is the curved front of the eye that focuses light on the retina. The reshaped cornea allows the entering light to form a clear image on the retina. The LASIK procedure is an outpatient procedure that is done in our offices and it takes only a few minutes to perform. Depending on your individual needs our doctor can perform LASIK on one eye or both eyes during the same session. LASIK is extremely safe and most people achieve 20/20 vision after the procedure.

Our doctor will first conduct an evaluation of your vision needs to see if Philadelphia LASIK or some other form of refractory surgery is best for you since not every patient is a good candidate for LASIK. During the procedure our doctor will first numb your eye with anesthetic eye drops. Our doctor will program your prescription into the computer that controls the laser. If you are having both eyes done your right eye will generally be done first. The area around the eye is cleaned with an iodine swab and then an instrument called an eyelid speculum is placed under your eyelid to keep the eye from blinking. A ring is then placed over your eye and our doctor creates a flap in the cornea using a microkeratome, which will allow the laser to penetrate. The laser will then use light to reshape your cornea, the laser part of the procedure generally takes only about 30 seconds. More eye drops will then be applied and the procedure is finished. Within a day or two most people’s vision will be fully corrected. Make an appointment for a consultation to see how you can have clear vision without glasses or contacts.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

September 12, 2018

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