Philadelphia Eye Surgeon (December 10, 2018)

Cataracts surgery in Philadelphia

If you have been diagnosed with cataracts, then you either suffer from cloudy and blurry vision due to them, or you have been fortunate that your special eyeglasses or contact lenses have prevented that from occurring. Here at IC Laser Eye Care, we are pleased to offer a more permanent solution in the form of safe, effective surgery.

The origin of cataracts is found in deposits of protein that form on the outer portion of your natural eye lenses. Being a progressive disease, the deposits increase in size and in quantity over the years. Initially, you may not have any vision impairment as a result. But once it does appear, corrective eyewear is the first method of treatment that is implemented. Many people continue on with that for a long time. As cataracts grow worse, adjustments to the prescription become necessary to keep up. But when you have a procedure done by our Philadelphia eye surgeon, you are taking direct action to eliminate the effects of cataracts from your life. The deposits of protein cannot be removed from the lenses, so the only solution is to remove your natural eye lenses completely. This eliminates the hindrance to your vision, but also leaves you with a deficiency since your lenses give you focus. Our Philadelphia eye surgeon replaces them with intraocular lens implants, or IOLs, which are prosthetic lenses equipped with vision correction. Monofocal IOLs restore distance vision, but you may need reading glasses to see up close. Multi-focal IOLs can free you completely from the need for corrective eyewear.

We can assure you that cataracts surgery will restore a level of vision, and along with it independence, that you may have given up on. Just contact our office so that we can set up a consultation and examination for you with our Philadelphia eye surgeon.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

December 10, 2018

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