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IC Laser Eye Care is a Philadelphia eye surgeon that handles all types of laser eye care. This includes cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, plastics, and corneal disease treatment. LASIK surgery aims to improve the focusing power of the cornea. After lasik surgery with our Philadelphia eye surgeon, many patients have excellent vision. They do not need contact lenses or glasses. Some people still need them, but not on a daily basis as they did before.

LASIK is a vision correction procedure. It works by changing the shape of the cornea permanently. This exciting new type of technology is something that we do every day at our offices. We use a technology called wavefront to measure and treat aberrations inside the eye. It is a kind of LASIK surgery that has been highly successful. Call our Philadelphia eye doctor today to see if your candidate for this type of LASIK surgery. Many people see clearly until they get into their mid-forties. They then start to begin to need reading glasses to see close up. Laser surgery can help fix this problem. We also perform eye and orbital plastic surgery, which helps to correct impaired vision and function inside the eye. It addresses a lot of problems that happen with the eye, such as disorders of the eyelids, orbits and the lacrimal system.

Our Philadelphia eye surgeon also performs non-surgical treatments such as Botox, which is a way of rejuvenating the wrinkles of the face. We use minimally invasive injections that are FDA-approved to relax the grooves and wrinkles, making the face look smoother and more aesthetically in balance. We also perform laser surgery for corneal conditions and diseases called phototherapeutic keratectomy. This is a surgical technique using laser surgery and UV light which restores the cornea to a healthier condition. It removes damaged portions of the cornea that need to be replaced and with healthy donor tissue.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

August 5, 2018

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