Philadelphia Cataract Surgery

While it's never ideal to have cataracts, there has never been a time when having them treated was easier, simpler, or more effective. Here at IC Laser Eye Care, the benefits of technology are available for you to benefit from, with our Philadelphia cataract surgery.

It's important to consider what cataracts are, what they do, and how your vision can be improved in spite of them. Cataracts are deposits of protein that form on the outside of your natural eye lenses. They cause your vision to become blurry and/or cloudy. Initially, the hindrance to your vision may be minimal, but it will likely become worse over time. Eyeglasses or contacts are the primary way to address the effects of this eye disease. As the condition progresses, your prescription is updated to account for changes to your vision. Our Philadelphia cataract surgery is a permanent answer, freeing you of the symptoms that cause you to lose your independence. The protein deposits cannot be separated from the lenses of your eyes, so the lenses themselves have to be removed. At one time, that meant you were still stuck with eyeglasses for the rest of your life, but that is no longer so. Our Philadelphia cataract surgery also consists of replacing your lenses with prosthetic ones. Called intraocular lens implants, or simply IOLs, they can provide you with corrected nearsightedness only, or in conjunction with farsightedness and even astigmatism if you need that. Which IOLs are most appropriate for you will depend on various factors, including what your insurance will approve.

Our Philadelphia cataract surgery can change your life for the better, and give you back the ability to do all the things you want. Are you a good candidate for it? Find out by scheduling an appointment to come in for a consultation and examination. Reach out to our office right now.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

February 11, 2019

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