Hamilton Nj Eye Exam

Importance Of A Yearly Eye Examination In Hamilton Nj

Hamilton Nj Eye Exam

At IC Laser Eye Care, we are our patients to come in for a Hamilton NJ eye exam at least once a year. A yearly exam is important because it can catch vision changes as they occur. Sometimes a patient doesn't even realize that they have had changes in vision, and need our doctor to do a test to check for those slight vision changes. A vision exam can test for any eye disease, or to see if a prescription needs updating.

During a Hamilton NJ eye exam exam, we will check certain areas of the eye and check for glaucoma by doing a pressure test. Glaucoma can be tested by checking the intraocular pressure of the eye, which can signal glaucoma. It's really important to come in at least once a year for an eye exam, especially as you age, because there certain eye diseases that may come on slowly and without warning. If you wear glasses it's also a good idea because your prescription can change over time. If you are experiencing headaches, eye strain or pain around the eyes, it could signal that your prescription needs updating.

Also, check our website for more information such as hours, info on services and to learn more about our staff. Our staff and doctor can always help you learn more about your eye exam or the procedures we do. We also have a great and fully stocked optical outlet for you to choose your new frames and contact lenses from. Patients can set appointments through our website, too, which is a great new way to take charge of your eye care and to keep track of your appointments. This is just one of the convenient new ways we try to keep patients informed and up to date on their eye care.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

March 16, 2018

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