Glaucoma Doctor in Bucks County

Glaucoma eye care in Bucks County

Glaucoma doctor in Bucks County

Are you suffering from glaucoma and hoping to receive high quality treatment from a compassionate Glaucoma doctor in Bucks County who truly cares about your wellbeing? Look no further than IC Laser Eye Care, where you can team up with a staff of highly-trained professionals who share a genuine concern for the future of your vision. With us on your side, you can set off on a personalized treatment path towards optimum optical health!

At IC Laser Eye Care, we take pride in our ability to act as a pillar of optical health in the Bucks County community. Led by our seasoned and learned medical personnel, our office utilizes advanced training and cutting-edge technology to offer our clients the most effective and pain-free treatments on the market. Our friendly professionals will also go the extra mile to ensure that patients of all ages feel comfortable and respected in our light-hearted and welcoming office. Our wide variety of treatments include complete eye health evaluations (slit lamp examinations, dilated eye exams, refraction for glasses and contact lenses and glaucoma pressure testing), contact lenses exams and fittings, macular degeneration screening, glaucoma evaluation and screening, and access to the enormous selection of luxury eyewear and designer frames at our optical department. Are you doing everything in your power to combat glaucoma? Call our office today to book an initial optical exam with a Glaucoma doctor in Bucks County who specializes in offering personalized treatment to patients of all ages and walks of life. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness worldwide. The term is actually a reference to a variety of conditions which involve a buildup of intraocular pressure that jeopardizes or damages the optic nerve, ultimately degrading vision quality.

To learn more about what our office can offer you in terms of elite-level care for your case of glaucoma, call us at IC Laser Eye Care today and book your first appointment with a Glaucoma doctor in Bucks County who truly cares!

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By IC Laser Eye Care

October 4, 2017

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