Eye Surgery Bucks County

LASIK Surgery in Bucks County

Eye Surgery Bucks County

IC Laser Eye Care is your premier source for eye surgery Bucks County. Our friendly and warm office is able to administer LASIK surgery for patients. This top of the line new technology allows us to use a laser to fix vision issues such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, allowing the patient to see much clearer after the procedure, and without the use of glasses in some cases.

Your eye surgery Bucks County begins with an exam to make sure you are a candidate for LASIK. LASIK permanently reshapes the cornea, and is performed using just simple eye drops that are anesthetics. The entire process can be done in just one visit. Most patients can go back to their normal activities by the following day. There is no pain or long, drawn out healing process. Because LASIK gives the cornea better focusing power, most people who have the surgery done do not need glasses or contact lenses anymore after they have the surgery.

Our eye surgery Bucks County office has 3 offices and has been serving the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area with the best eye services around. We have an office in Bensalem, PA, another in Hamilton NJ and another at Temple Northeastern Hospital. We are known as the first practice in the area to use a 500 Hertz excimer laser, which is one of the newest, fastest lasers on the market. We were also the first practice co use collagen cross linking in the treatment of keratoconus, and to use INTACS. We strive to remain on top of the vision field by always using latest practices and technology. We also specialize in pediatric ophthalmology and offer the latest in eye testing such as VEP and ERG technologies. These allow us to better service kids who have eye diseases.

IC Laser Eye Care
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By IC Laser Eye Care

May 15, 2018

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