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Eye specialist Bensalem

So you’ve been stuck in the clouds lately. Just the kind you’d actually like. No, you’re floating around in the perilous kind—the cataract cloud. It’s just a little bit, right? Surely, it can’t be a big deal. If you’re considering ignoring it, heed our advice. Do NOT ignore it. Visit us at the IC Laser Eye Care, so we can help eradicate your trouble. That’s what you get by visiting our eye specialist Bensalem.

When it comes to Cataracts (and generally any other health issue) you’ll want to see a professional about it as soon your vision starts changing. Especially if its exhibiting any of the following symptoms: flashes of light, double vision, instant eye pain or headaches, light sensitivity, clouded vision, and fading or yellowing of colors. These are just some of several red flags to look out for. Two root causes contribute to a Cataracts onset. Aging would be the first. With it comes the inevitable changing of eye-tissue. Over time, lenses grow increasingly inflexible—losing thickness and transparency. Speaking of which, injury can be another major contributor toward said tissue change and, therefore, the development of Cataracts. Genetics also play a part in how predisposed an individual is to getting it. Three primary types of Cataracts exist: nuclear cataracts (affects the center of the lens), cortical cataracts (affects lens edge), and posterior subcapsular cataracts (affects back of the lens). If you suspect you might have cataracts, your best bet is to contact IC Laser Eye Care. Meet with our eye specialist Bensalem soon.

Every minute wasted, is one more minute you could invest in getting your eyes back to tip-top condition. Get out of the clouds by reaching out to one of our professionals at the IC Laser Eye Care. Once the cataracts is treated, you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit our eye specialist Bensalem sooner. So what are you waiting for?

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By IC Laser Eye Care

January 16, 2018

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