Cataracts Surgery Hamilton (June 6, 2018)

Cataracts surgery in Hamilton

Cataracts surgery Hamilton

Surgery for cataracts is a procedure that is highly successful in restoring a level of vision that you may have given up on. When performed expertly here at IC Laser Eye Care, you can feel confident on getting the results you want.

Cataracts is an eye disease that is progressive. It's never going to improve. It's only going to grow worse with time. If you've had it long enough, you have all the evidence that you need. Cloudy and blurry vision is typical, as the deposits of protein that mark the condition increase in both size and quantity on the outer part of your eyes' lenses. If you've reached a point where corrective eyewear, even with an updated prescription, is not able to keep up with your subpar vision, it's the right time to consider our cataracts surgery Hamilton. The procedure is designed for removal of your cataracts-ridden lenses and replacing with intraocular lens implants, or IOLs. Some of them are monofocal, restoring distance vision, but requiring you to use reading glasses for close-up vision. Others are multifocal, so you can have outstanding vision without the need for prescription eyewear at all. They type of IOL that is most appropriate for you will depend on various factors, including what you require in terms of vision correction, and what your insurance can pay. If you are not using insurance, your budget will play a big part in determining the precise nature of our cataracts surgery Hamilton. What matters most is that you will have sharp and clear vision, without the blurry, cloudy film that your eye condition has made normal for you over however many years you've had the disease.

Come in for a consultation and examination and get all your questions answered about our cataracts surgery Hamilton. Schedule a visit by calling us right now.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

June 6, 2018

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