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A cataract is an eye condition in which the normal lens becomes cloudy. People who have cataracts care Bucks County see as is they’re looking through a foggy window. Therefore, the condition makes it more difficult for cataract patients to read, to see an expression on a friend’s face and to drive; especially at night. Patients with cataracts should see a professional eye doctor for diagnosis and a treatment plan.
Since most cataracts care Bucks County develop slowly and don’t disturb vision in the early stages of the condition, stronger lighting and eyeglasses may be sufficient. However, cataracts are progressive and over time they will interfere with vision. If the impaired vision is at the point in which it is interfering with normal everyday activities, the patient might need surgery. The good news it is that cataract surgery is typically a very safe and effective procedure. If you’re searching for a practice that is equipped to diagnose and treat cataracts, you’re in the right place. IC Laser Eye Care is a top-notch eye care practice. We focus on LASIK and refractive surgery; however, our practice is comprised of specialists across many ophthalmologic disciplines. We are focused on providing our patients with advanced medical and surgical eye care at one location. We take the time to explain conditions and all available treatment options to our patients. Our practice is comprised of a team of professional doctors, surgeons and other dedicate team members who make our patients’ well-being a top-priority. We offer the following services in our warm environment: LASIK procedures, Laser Vision Correction, Glaucoma Treatments, Diabetes and Eye Care, Keratoconus Treatment (INTACS), Multifocal IOL, Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL), Pediatric Eye Care and Cosmetic Procedures.

Contact us to schedule your cataracts care Bucks County consultation today. We look forward to your call and to assisting you.

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By IC Laser Eye Care

April 24, 2019

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